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Why We Need Donations

Our Humanity in the Balance is an all-volunteer organization and has no paid staff. All donations support program activity, including travel, food and medical supplies for volunteers and communications and imaging gear.

We will not provide subsistence to refugees and IDPs, a task that is already addressed by humanitarian organizations. Rather, our mission is to make it possible for women to leave camps to collect firewood without fear of assault or rape, and, ultimately, to contribute to restoring a safe environment so that refugees can return to their villages.

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How One Person Made A Difference

The Roman gladiator games were popular through generations of the empire.  They were stopped suddenly, though, on the order of Emperor Honorius who was moved by the actions of Telemachus, a visitor from the East. 

While traveling through Rome, Telemachus saw the abominable spectacle of the games for the first time and went into into the arena between the deadly combatants, then stopped them by yelling "Enough!

This selfless act made the emperor to see the combat from a different perspective, and he ended it for all time in the empire.

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