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Maggie (Scotland)
Life Long Student of Human Nature

I’m a Scot who recently made New Zealand my home. I am an educationalist and believe the gift of retirement can be the most productive and useful time of our lives. When friends ask me why I am part of this I answer, "When free to do so and fit enough, I'll only be doing what ALL grandparents should consider doing for the sake of ALL our grandchildren." We share the earth and need to spring clean our common home to ensure future generations will have the freedom and peace to fulfill their true potential. Mere mortals who stand together in defiance of violence can actually start a tidal wave of human conscience.

We are morally bound to protect and nurture the miracle of life on Earth. Every faith encourages us to "do as we would be done by." We do not have the right to squander the efforts of those gone before us, and we are responsible for the advancement of new generations. Being involved how best you can is what matters.

This is from a poem by my mother,"...What did I bring on that first danger fraught journey, Shared labour of love from the need to be born? The essence of what is me."

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