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Venus (Sudan)
Computer Network Specialist and Humanitarian Worker

I have started questioning life in a quite early age, finding my parents fired from their jobs because their political views, my friend dropping out of school because they didn’t have enough money, young children force to participate in a war under God’s name, a war that I had to see its horrible consequences every day in the television most of my childhood. Poverty, illiteracy, diseases, wars and much more is eating away people lives in Sudan alongside the suppression dictatorship that deprives people from their simple right: to live in dignity. Surrounded by all that I decided not to be a spectator, what was and still happening in Sudan gave me the determination to become a part of the hard process of transforming my community to a better place to change a cruel reality to a reality where all Sudanese enjoy their full rights.

I started working in a small self-funded organization with motivated young people. What brought us together was that we all - in one way or another - lived through the same difficult situations and each one of us had experienced difficult times in his or her life and we wanted to try and prevent our next generations from having the same difficulties or at least tackle some of our community problems. We believed that it was our responsibility to draw the attention to our problems as well as contributing to the solution. We worked in AIDS/HIV awareness campaign in Khartoum’s suburbs’ schools, with IDPs in refugee camps and with the local communities. I was inspired by those youth’s determination and eager to help other although we didn’t have wealth or power we just had our youth and willingness to give our humble share of relief for our people.

After the smiles I saw in children’s faces, meals and laughs I shared with simple impoverished people and the pain that I felt when I couldn’t help my passion and determination become inexhaustible and with wonderful people like you I am sure that we can bring justice and humanity back to our world.

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