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Damien Lewis (UK)
Filmmaker, Journalist and Author

Damien Lewis is an award winning and internationally bestselling British author. He has co-authored several books with women and men from the developing world, including the acclaimed memoir and international bestseller Slave, written with Mende Nazer, published in some thirty-six languages worldwide, and winner of the 2004 Index on Censorship Book Award.

In the summer of 2008 he published Tears of the Desert, a harrowing and intensely moving memoir co-authored with Halima Bashir, a woman refugee from Darfur. It won the Elle Lettres Grande Prix 2008, and won for Halima the prestigious Victor Gollancz Human Rights Award, the International Peace Award, and the Anna Politkovskaya Award. His other memoirs in this genre include Freedom (the sequel to Slave), Undaunted (with Burmese refugee and activist Zoya Phan), and Homeland, co-authored with George Obama, youngest brother of the US President who lives in the Nairobi slums. His forthcoming co-authored memoir, Forbidden Lessons In The Kabul Guesthouse, tells the incredible true story of Afghan-American aid worker and activist Suraya Sadeed, and is published in the US and world wide in the spring of 2011. He has also “ghosted” a number of similar memoirs.

Prior to becoming an author he spent twenty years reporting from war, disaster and developing world regions for the BBC and other major broadcasters. He is published by numerous publishers worldwide — including in the English language Little Brown, Hodder, Random House, Penguin, Simon & Schuster, Public Affairs and Harper Collins. His book Slave has being made into feature film by Slate / Potboiler Films, and Tears Of The Desert has been optioned as a movie. Slave has also been produced as a stage play by Feelgood Theatre.

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