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Mayada Awad (Sudan)
Human Rights Attorney and Advocate

My name is Mayada Elmaki and I was born in Khartoum. I was educated at Al Neelain University where I majored in Law in 2006. My first job was providing legal aid in Khartoum with People’s Legal Aid Centre (PLACE) between 2006 and 2008.

During this period I was involved in working with internally displaced persons (IDPs) who came from the South and Darfur to Khartoum , where they experienced a range of human rights abuses including, war, lack of basic services, economic insecurity and hunger.

This experience has changed the way I see life and opened my eyes to the massive injustice that people in Sudan face, in conflict areas.

As a response I have recently studied Maters in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at University of Essex hoping to learn more about Human Rights so I can put my new knowledge and skills to practical use.

In the UK I am based in London and involved in different voluntary work with Amnesty in Middle East Program and currently I work with Freedom from Torture as volunteer legal assistant and with Groundswell Charity as Homeless Health Peer Advocate.

With this background I would appreciate the chance of joining Our Humanity in the Balance, hoping to be a useful addition to the organisation that is made up of dedicated and successful human rights thinkers and practitioners.

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